Not all Ears are the Same

WhiteCornWhen George Crookham and Bruce Hobdey began growing corn along the Snake River in Idaho, they knew they wanted to create the perfect ear of corn. And not just any ear – they wanted to grow corn that differentiated from all the rest. Between taste, texture, crunch and pop, they knew their corn had to be amaize-ing.

After 22 years of testing and development, George and Bruce had tested over 10,000 different corn varieties and finally arose, their perfect sweet ear of corn. Amaize Sweet Corn is what they call it. Now don’t be fooled by the extraordinary taste. This sweet corn has not been genetically modified. It’s made by hybridization and meticulous farming practices. These are traditional breeding methods used by farmers for many years. Just one bite and you’ll know the difference.

Just how perfect is Amaize Sweet Corn? Just ask Bruce Hobdey. “Amaize is hands-down the best sweet corn ever!”

It tastes like sweet honey with the perfect pop of crunch. Even when you cook it, it still maintains its sweet flavor.

Amaize Sweet Corn has been the cream of the crop this season and we are thrilled to bring it to our customers! Our grower, Alan Simonis of Dixon, has been growing Amaize Sweet Corn for years. He knows exactly when his tender, sweet corn is ready and perfectly hand picks every ear. Handpicking preserves the sweet quality that our customers crave. And once it’s been picked, it’s chilled in crushed ice and immediately rushed to our stores!

You’ll never know until you try it. Amaize Sweet Corn is available for a limited time at Raley’s, Bel Air and Nob Hill Foods. Hurry and get your last bite of summer before it’s all gone!





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